Ashley Alexander is a multipassionate entrepreneur, business strategist, and transformational leadership coach dedicated to elevating lives and businesses. At the heart of Ashley’s mission is a commitment to custom, aligned strategies that resonate deeply with each entrepreneur’s unique vision.

As a single mom of two incredible daughters, Ashley’s life is a vibrant experience of traveling, homeschooling, empowering others, and embracing every moment with joy and adventure. She brings this same energy and passion to her professional life, where her diverse background in finance, technology, branding and marketing melds seamlessly with her expertise in systems, process development, and AI technologies.

Ashley’s journey with The Fempowered Professional is more than just a business venture. Ashley’s mission is to empower girls and women through her platform, Fempowered, and within The Fempowered Professional she gets to empower women entrepreneurs to create intentional, aligned business strategies. (You can click here to read more about the journey to The Fempowered Professional!) Whether revitalizing existing businesses or laying strong foundations for new ventures, Ashley offers clarity, strategy, and empowerment.

With over a decade of experience supporting business owners alongside her dynamic team, Ashley’s approach is holistic, blending business acumen with a deep understanding of leadership and personal development. She is a huge advocate for the transformative power of AI in business, continuously seeking to co-create opportunities for growth and impact.

Ashley’s vision and support for her clients extends beyond professional success — she’s all about creating a life and legacy of limitless possibilities, driven by resilience, empowerment, and alignment. She invites you to join her on this journey, to transform your business and life with her unique blend of strategy, empowerment, and heartfelt dedication.