All of These Things Made Me Who I Am

Hi! I am so ecstatic to be here, but more than that, I’m excited that YOU’RE here. Thank you for joining my world!

First and foremost, I must say that I am absolutely astonished by the fact that I have taken a 10-year hiatus from blogging. It’s a pretty frustrating realization, because it would have been so amazing to see how I’ve developed over the years {visually, rather than mentally}. I’ve said a million times in that time span that I have a list of books to write, and I’m now at the point in my life where “one day” isn’t good enough. There is no more precious time to be wasted! I’ve lived a long life in my short time on earth and I have so much more life to live! I have to put what I know out into the universe because I have such huge dreams of helping people in so many ways. You have to start somewhere — so here I am!

With this being my first blog post, I have to take this time to somewhat introduce myself. My name is Ashley, and it’s hard to pin me down. I never liked labels because people who run around arbitrarily labeling people are the same people who make snap judgements. Those people cannot be trusted. I cannot be defined by a label. And I won’t take the time to sit around disputing what silly judgements have been passed upon me. I AM ME.

All of these things made me who I am | Effervescent Efficiency

“All of these things made me who I am.” {I Am – AWOLNATION}

That lyric melts my heart straight to the core. If someone doesn’t care to take the time to understand what makes me me, then I don’t have time for them. Life is short, and you have to surround yourself with love and light; inspiration and encouragement; joy and laughter.

I am a lot of things, and a lot of the things that I am seem contradictory. I am a workaholic; I work hard and persistently, with extremely high standards and just a dash of perfectionism. I am silly and easily amused. I am seriously motivated. I love people, and I love to have fun and laugh hard. I consider myself to be equally in tune with both my left and right brain, which provides for an extremely interesting life. I was also born without a sense of smell {congenital anosmia} which has DEFINITELY proven to be interesting, confusing, bizarre — but that’s a WHOLE different tale! I grew up at a young age, and yet I will forever be young at heart. That being said, I’ve always been fiercely independent — and yet when I look back to where my true adulthood began, and imagine a flip-book of my life’s events from then until now, I’m truly blown away at how my independence and entrepreneurship have skyrocketed. I am determined, I am resilient, and I am strong.

Above all else, I live to love and to learn. | Ashley Alexander, Effervescent Efficiency

“Above all else, I live to love and to learn.” {Ashley Alexander}

With a pile of dreams and goals beneath me, I have taken the plunge into making things happen, and I have never felt more fulfilled and excited in my life — and I’m probably the most easily excitable person I know. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read my first blog post of this decade, and for embarking on this amazing life adventure with me! I’m definitely going places, and I plan to take you with me! I am so excited to share my journey, my skills, and above all, my passion.